Shannon (shanna85) wrote in pirate_brigade,


Dear Shannon,

It seems that you are not the person I thought you were. The fact that you actually wrote that rather goofy letter shows me that you are rather cowardly and lazy. I mean, come on! "I thought this would be easier and less embarrassing for both of us." Instead of actually doing the (shudders) "right" thing, the hard thing, you simply wrote me a chicken shit letter that I find quite insulting. "In the future, remember that pissing off girls will NOT make them like you..." Do you take me for a fool? You must not be able to count very high or you get mad at the slightest things, because I believe on the rare occassions that I thought I pissed you off, I apologized. It was never my attention to anger or offend you, I was just curious about you, I thought you were an interesting person. Alas, whatever social or psychological problems you may have have affected your judgement. I mean, has anyone ever reached out to you before like I have tried to? If the answer is no, then I am sorry. Maybe you should try to be less defensive whenever people try to get to know you better. You are quite beautiful and you are actually smart, which is a rarity in today's world where being smart is a social liability. I realize that you are kind of a dork and you get nervous around people, and that's ok. Which brings me back to your letter. You try to be mature about this, but alas, you certainly don't appear mature to me. I mean, you didn't even give me a fucking chance! You have blatantly avoided me, calling in reinforcements (i.e. your friends) whenever I tried talking to you. Do you think I'm an idiot?! I mean, that's not how you say "No". For how you went about this is quite insulting indeed. I was very hurt when I asked you if we could talk alone last Friday and you never came out until right before your bus came! I gave you the benefit of the doubt however, and this morning (or rather, yesterday morning) I made it completely clear. And what happens? You just shove a letter in my hands and say "read it please". And about "looking embarrassed," how in God's name would you get embarrassed? By who? Your friends, who seem to be complete social rejects (sorry, but it's true)? I would certainly not be embarrassed as people ask out out people everyday. If you had actually heeded my request, and you would have listened to me, then I wouldn't have to waste time writing this letter. You could have listened to me and then said "no" you know...I take it you are extremely shy, but that isn't exactly an excuse per se. The way you went about this (as I said before) is very insulting. Did you think I "couldn't take it" if you said no to my face. You do not rate me very highly then if that's the case...
I was just wondering, what are you thinking? I can't believe I've spent so much time thinking.
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