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walking in the rain

yay shanna and i went on a walk today! i brought a massive umbrella so we wouldn't get wet. joe and mr. natale were on their front step when we walked by and of course we're all....drunk ferrety. shannon managed to whack me in the face with one of the pointy metal things in the umbrella.

"that's fate smacking you in the face...or maybe it's shannon with the umbrella."

then we did the little loop and shannon jumped over chuck. we got back around to joe's house and they were still outside only now his mom was there too. we went in his house for a little bit and attempted to plan something for monday night. hopefully that will work out.

"16 will get you twenty. 18 will get you a divorce." ---daddy g, on mommy g.'s new love for joe.

and we love heath, not pete.

anyway, we left joe's house and i jumped over chester. alas, connie chung will not get jumped much, since she's located right in front of the natale house and....yeah.

hillcrest fizzarms, keep it real.

(haha i said fizzarms.)

*oh yes, connie, chuck, and chester are fire hydrants*
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